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About Diane

Diane is a resident of the northwest. She recently embarked on a journey of discovery to unleash her creative talents after a career in business with a major northwest company. Art classes at Bellevue College have provided foundational skills focused on the principles and elements of design, color theory and harmonies, and painting techniques and processes.

Bio and Artist Statement

Diane is painting primarily abstract using acrylics on varied surfaces. She also produces collage and mixed media works, is studying calligraphic arts and has begun to explore encaustic painting. Color and texture are often the focus of Diane’s paintings. She uses layers of paint, as well as a variety of mediums to create texture. Color is selected to express a message, demonstrate beauty, or create energy. Brushes, palette knifes, and scrappers are used and she often applies paint then wipes it away. 

Diane’s work is spontaneous and she is encouraged to let go of the precious and just let the paint flow. “I enjoy the visual language of abstract art and the freedom of non-representational painting. Creating a work from an emotion, a memory, or an impression and bringing it to life through color, texture, and lightness or darkness is my creative interest. I am moved to create a sense of mystery or wonder in my work; inviting the viewer into the painting to explore the energy of color, the texture of the layers, or the mystery of the shadows. In this way, I hope to provide a freedom of space for the viewer to create their own story about the work.

I am honored to show my work at the Fairweather House and Gallery in Seaside, Oregon.

Works are also available at Essentia, Seattle.

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